Pittsfield Green Commission Support Proposed Ban on EPS Foam

Another town in Massachusetts has proposed a ban on expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam. This time the community of Pittsfield’s Green Commission has publically supported a proposed foam ban put forward by Rinaldo Del Gallo in December 2012. Mr. Del Gallo met with the commission on Monday, March 16th to readdress his proposals for foam and single-use plastic bag bans.

A local city councilman, Christopher Connell, who is also chairman of the Ordinance and Rules Committee, has said that this proposal will most likely appear on the committee’s April 6th meeting agenda. What Mr. Connell is hoping to see is a variety of solutions. He wants to hear from a cross-section of the community and will be paying particular attention to the restaurant and business owners who will be directly affected by this ban. On average, replacements for foam food service products are twice as expensive and no more environmentally sustainable. What most people don’t realize is that EPS foam can be recycled back into plastic pellets. These plastic pellets are used to make everything from polyester clothing to plastic water bottles.

The Green Commission had a three person subcommittee conducted research on the topic. Had  committee members thoroughly researched the topic, they would have seen that a number of cities have implemented foam recycling at both a location drop-off and a curbside level. Montreal, for example, implemented drop-off foam recycling for a one-year trial period that was so successful the city has committed to a minimum of five more years of foam recycling. With the right infrastructure in place, Pittsfield could follow suit and easily offer a recycling program as an alternative to the ban. It would save local businesses money and offer an appropriate solution to environmental concerns.

Source: Berkshire Eagle

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